Ford Dcar X

Ambassador of Transportation in Hospitality


I am DCar X - Transportation in 5-Stars Quality

Limited version of 99 DCar X, exclusive for hospitality transportation, guarantee to deliver excellent service.



5-Stars Standard Transportation

  • Airport Pick-up and Drop-off
  • City Tours and Countryside Tours

Inspired by Land Rover

  • Dcar X was inspired by the strong, impressive and elegant body of Land Rover's concept

In-car Facilities

  • Always-on Wifi
  • USB Charging Port
  • 220V Power Plug
  • Umbrella Drawer
  • Emergency Kit and Hand Sanitizer

Massage Seat

  • Limousine Standard seat can be flexibly transform, Back-Support designs give the most comfortable experience during the trip

In-car Minibar

  • Serve Welcome drink and Cold towel
  • Refreshment for passengers

Home Entertainment

  • Set of 4 Sony Speakers and high definition LED Screen can create a moving entertaining space

Limited Edition

  • Limited to 99 DCar X from Number 1 to Number 99

Sliding Door with Sensor

  • Extended sliding door with custom footsteps support
  • Sensor prevents accident by closing the sliding door
Our Customers
Tourism and Transport Company that focus on 5-Stars market.
Hotels, Resorts, Casinos have private service for VIPs.
Companies need to take care of VIP Guests and Private Guests.

Photo of Ford Dcar X

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